Get Creative by Zoning Out

Studies have shown that an idle brain is more likely to come up with a new idea. Yet, we often feel that focus is more of what we need. Try taking mental breaks from email and deadlines and let your mind wander. These breaks can be critical to remaining creative and...

Open sourced analytics

I am ready for the next wave of analytics. I think that using the “open source” model for analytical data could be great. I think the world is ready for powerful group facilitation to vet analytical data in order to get to the facts. I would call this idea “open...

The new news

People often stick to ideas and concepts they have known all their lives. This can be a hindrance to innovation. Both individuals and businesses latch onto linear thinking and miss how things can change. We like to think linearly, but reality is not linear. When the...

The coolest unsubscribe page

I love when companies incorporate some humor into their interactions with customers. (And, Groupon is in Memphis now.) Screenr – @greggpollack: The coolest unsubscribe page Ive ever seen from

Street Smart MBA from Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban’s Two-Step to the Street Smart MBA (1) Embrace failure (It’s temporary!) (2) Identify pain. Then solve it. via Mark Cuban’s ‘Two Step’ Path to a Street Smart MBA : WhatTheyDontTeachYouAtStanfordBusinessSchool.