Hi, I’m Will Murphy. Welcome to my personal website.

I live in the San Francisco area.

You may know me as a Silicon Valley executive, corporate entrepreneur, startup entrepreneur, or voracious reader. I grew up in Tennessee and previously led work in design, product, tech, and innovation at FedEx (future tech), SenseAware (IoT), SurfRate (social search), Talla (bots/ robotic process automation), and BotChain (blockchain solution for bots). I’m an advisor at Singularity University and a member of the Long Now Foundation.

I’m curious about technology, philosophy, economics, and the future. I love books, movies, and playing guitar.

Overly fancy write-up for media, speaking engagements, etc:

Will has been a software engineer, corporate entrepreneur, startup entrepreneur, and tech executive across a wide range of technology spaces including IoT, AI, and blockchain. Will helped create SurfRate, SenseAware, Talla, BotChain, and MessagePath. He has led initiatives concerning big data, applied AI, e-commerce, the collaborative economy, and sustainable technologies. Additionally, he conducted autonomous vehicle, drone, blockchain, and 3D printing research. Will holds patents in the areas of intelligent agents and IoT.

Will speaks at places like MIT VLAB, Stanford University, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference, The AI Conference, General Assembly, Monage, World Crypto Economic Forum, Media X, and SVI Academy.