Hi, I’m Will and I live in the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley Bay Area.

I work with smart people to build tech.

I’m curious about technology, philosophy, economics, and the future.
I love books, movies, and playing guitar.

I’ve worked on AI, blockchain, IoT, transportation, and innovation.


Overly Lengthy Version

Will is a technology entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He is currently exploring new opportunities, ideas, and projects, in addition to advising and investing in startups. Will has been a tech executive and pioneer across a wide range of technology spaces including IoT, AI, and blockchain. He’s the founder of MessagePath, the AI writing assistant for global business communication. He also loves spending time helping corporations become more innovative and create new ventures. 

Will was a co-founder of BotChain, one of the first blockchain platforms for AI intelligent agents. Will was also the founding VP of Product and Business Development for Talla, where he led the product vision to build an AI RPA smart knowledgebase and onboard the first 2,000 customers. While working on designing RPA systems, Will created and popularized the 10 Principles of Intelligent Agent Design, the Sense and Respond AI framework, and the valuation model for data.

Previously, he was a Principal and corporate entrepreneur within FedEx Innovation, where he led new emerging tech venture development initiatives. He was a co-founder of SenseAware, the first logistics-integrated Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which was later operationalized by FedEx. 

He has led initiatives concerning big data, applied AI, e-commerce, the collaborative economy, and sustainable technologies. Additionally, he conducted autonomous vehicle, drone, blockchain, and 3D printing research. 

Will holds patents in the areas of intelligent agents and IoT. He has earned a B.S. in Economics from Christian Brothers University as well as an M.S. in Information Systems from the University of Memphis.

Will has spoken at events like MIT VLAB, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference, The AI Conference, General Assembly, Monage, World Crypto Economic Forum, Media X, Stanford University, and SVI Academy.