Creativity often requires a single individual to have some solid uninterrupted time to themselves. With iPhones, iPads, laptops, and the ton of other devices distracting us from our thoughts we are possibly becoming less creative and less innovative.
Scott Adams noted in a recent WSJ article: 

Lately I’ve started worrying that I’m not getting enough boredom in my life. If I’m watching TV, I can fast-forward through commercials. If I’m standing in line at the store, I can check email or play “Angry Birds.” When I run on the treadmill, I listen to my iPod while reading the closed captions on the TV. I’ve eliminated boredom from my life.

via Scott Adams on the Benefits of Boredom –

Exposure to a lot of diverse information and viewpoints is healthy for creativity, but so is taking time away from distractions. If the theory that more distractions decreases creativity is true – then society overall is becoming less creative as more devices distract us more often.
I think this may be one of the reasons I like the Kindle so much – when reading on this gadget there is no pop up to notify me of an email or Tweet – just me, a book, and my thoughts. Other activities, like running, may be good times for creativity if you can leave the MP3 player off. Unplug for more creativity. After the last couple years – I am going to be find some time to be less distracted this next year.