Picture 6

Online retailers have always had a few shortcomings when competing against physical retailing. People often like to check out the real physical object before purchasing. Online retailers have come up with several ways to deal with the issue – from long-term return policies to Amazon’s “search inside” feature. Zugara is giving a shot at using virtual reality to help people shop for clothes. The shopper stands in front of their home camera and can “try on” different clothes. The problem here is that while you may get an idea of what the clothes would look like on you, it would not tell you what you would actually look like with the item on – after it conforms to your particular fit. I can see this working a little better with eyeglass frames or other items that don’t change shape as much. On the other hand, this may be a good start and may increase sales because it may really give you a better idea of what the colors, etc would look like on you. Check it out for yourself.

Here is the video of their system in action: