11/30/2007 3:19:32 PM The Chinese government denied permission last week for the USS Reuben James, a Navy frigate, to make a holiday port call for sailors at the end of December, CNN quoted Senior Navy officials as saying on Friday.

This is the latest in a series of entry denials that included nine U.S. Navy ships and one Air Force jet plane entry to Hong Kong in the past month.

The United States has filed a formal protest with Beijing over the decisions, Pentagon officials said.

U.S. officials are speculating on reasons, including U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and President Bush’s October presentation of a Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama, for the port call refusals.

It is also doubted that the Chinese may have been conducting military exercises that they didn’t want the U.S. Navy to see.

China Refused Nine U.S. Navy Ships And One Air Force Jet Entry To Hong Kong In November