I created a framework for designing Intelligent agents (IAs).

I like to create models and frameworks for work I’m doing. When I’m working on a conversational AI/ Intelligent Agent (IA) system I have some categories of design so that the creator of the product/ use case/ design can organize our thought. This also helps with collaboration with software engineers.

How will your agent communicate with humans and other agents?

Also generally defined as “workflows”. What tasks will the agent be able to accomplish and how will it learn how to do them?

Each agent needs to access data/ memory. Is this data store proprietary to each agent or is it shared across agents (or, some mix)?

In order to more effectively interact with humans, what personality will the agent have? Will the agent have one personality or will you customize the personality for each human it interacts with?

The agent should be aware of personal data and also privacy hierarchies so that the right information is shared with the right people. It’s possible to have information that is accurate but non-shareable in different contexts.

Advanced Contextual Awareness
The agent should be aware of as much context as it can get to fulfill its mission.

The agent should understand its communication channel context in order to behave properly in different contexts.