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(Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people (by TEDtalksDirector))

Democratization of design and production is a fascinating area I have been keeping an eye on for over a decade now. 3D printing seems to be getting a lot of press lately. The next decade should get really interesting.

This talk reminds of me of the old Sears mail-order houses. Sears used to sell houses in a catalog. The buyer would essentially get a giant kit to put together (sort of like Ikea furniture except a bit larger).

Sears Catalog Homes (sold as Sears Modern Homes) were ready-to-assemble kit houses sold through mail order by Sears, Roebuck and Company, an American retailer. More than 70,000 of these were sold in North America between 1908 and 1940.[1]Shipped via railroad boxcars, these kits included all the materials needed to build a house. Many were assembled by the new homeowner and friends, relatives, and neighbors, in a fashion similar to the traditional barn-raisings of farming families.[2]

– From Wikipedia

Source: http://www.modulartoday.com/searshomes.html

Source: http://www.modulartoday.com/searshomes.html