UPDATE: A “Byte Sized” 30 minute version has been released if you want to see the key stuff in a half hour…

I saw IOUSA this past week here in an independent movie theater in Memphis. This is a great movie to see if you want to understand the future of the USA.

The movie is a documentary about the US debt (now surpassing $10 Trillion). Check out the trailer.

The overall movie was very informative in a non-dry way and was non-partisan. My only criticism was that sometimes presidential administrations get blamed or praised for congressional actions during times. The congress is the ultimate budget watchdog section of our government, so letting them off the hook or ignoring the good things they did and only looking at the presidential administration is too simple.

The movie is great and highlights the growing problems of all the promises the federal government is making. Medicare is a big financial burden, and social security is second. This is not new news. The federal government is highly overstretched and it is not shrinking its obligations.

I think that no, the federal government will never shrink its scope or obligations voluntarily. I certainly do not see any proof from citizens or top leaders in Washington that shrinking the government is an area of interest. In fact any effort to be more fiscally conservative and shrink entitlements are met with an entitlement mentality fostered by elected officials. So, the next question is, what will the world look like in that scenario? I think it will affect a lot of things long term.

IOUSA the Movie