Launching LaunchPad 

Mercury Tech Labs in Memphis, co-led by Eric Mathews had a launch pary a couple of weeks ago to kick off Lauchpad, an incubator for very early stage start ups. There is definitely a gap in this area in the early startup and angel-funding areas. I hope this helps out and becomes very successful.

The party was fun, I met some new people and I am glad Mercury Tech Labs is making this move.

Below is a link from Mercury’s page describing Launchpad in more detail: 

The Mercury Launchpad is a rapid business prototyping center and convergence point for early stage technology businesses in the Mid-South. Operated as a membership based center, the Launchpad combines the benefits of collaboration with structured advising to assist entrepreneurs and technologists alike in growing their technology based businesses. By bringing together top talent in emerging business, the Launchpad will support and facilitate swift and smart business decision making through discourse with others, knowledge exchange, and professional networking. People do better, more value-added work when working together.

There are major benefits for early stage start-ups and one-man-shops to move into a flexible and open office environment for launching their operations. One of the best benefits of getting into an office environment is the discourse with fellow professionals going through similar experiences. In fact, informal collaboration with others is almost always more powerful than the work of one. The space is also a facilitator that provides visual information management, informal interaction, and a touch point for customers.

Housed in EmergeMemphis, the focal point for entrepreneurship in the Mid-South, the office space is designed with flexibility as the overarching concept and will provide value to the smart business developer who not only realizes the value of the Launchpad and physical location, but also knows that it’s smart not to waste money at the start of a new venture. Our membership based approach is a definitive advantage. Thanks to our partner MBI Marketplace, we have well-designed space, welcoming and accessible environment, and proper amenities to permit new business enterprises to scale appropriately meeting market needs. (via