In the new world where RFID is being imbedded in everything from passports to credit cards, a new wallet promises to protect your information. It protects the contents from being scanned via RFID to retrieve data. It has two compartments; one for your cards, the other for cash and pictures. It also appears to be more solid than traditional wallets. What do you think of this new wallet design?

Check out this video:

It seems interesting, but I it seems bulky for only holding 8 cards plus cash. I would run out of room quickly. Check it out.


Welcome to, home of the revolutionary locking, RFID shielding wallet.

The Flipside Wallet™ takes aspects of the traditional bi-fold wallet and advances them to address modern concerns about security, durability and functionality. We construct our wallets out of an array of high strength polymers and anodized aluminum alloy components— all of which are recyclable.

Not only are these wallets durable, but they also shield your Credit and I.D. cards from Radio Frequency Identification Theft, also known as “RFID Theft.”

Cash, cards and pictures are securely contained and organized within a stylish, compact case that comfortably fits in your pocket or handbag.

Take a look at our features section to learn more about the Flipside Wallet™.