I am ready for the next wave of analytics. I think that using the “open source” model for analytical data could be great. I think the world is ready for powerful group facilitation to vet analytical data in order to get to the facts.

I would call this idea “open sourced analytics”.

“Open sourced analytics” would be based on common technology platforms that facilitate the sharing of common, core measurement data and the algorithms applied to make sense of that data. An incentive system and checks and balances would of course need to be applied, as this sort of thing would still be open to some manipulation.

Think of it as a new type of wiki, but with more structured data and with sets of algorithms open for scrutiny, and tweaked in an organized and open manner by all participants.

Think about government data that is currently publicly available but unused: What if data sets were made available in a powerful platform that also allowed everyone to query the data and build their own models over time? Useful findings would rise to the top. As technology progresses, governments will likely open up their data – data around crime, budgets, park access and so on, so that everyone can see that data.

But what about analyzing it? This is where the open analytics platform comes in. It would give everyone the tools to analyze the data in the open so that everyone can scrutinize the way the data is being massaged and analyzed.

What about research data from universities concerning heath studies and other scientific studies? Open sourced analytics would allow open access to the data and tools to analyze it for patterns, predictions and more.

Getting good data and making it available is only half the battle. The other half is opening up all the data-driven massaging and modeling that happens with the raw data. This will in turn open up a new world of accuracy and conversation regarding what we can know and what we want to know as a society. And ultimately, it could improve everything.