Co-Founder (Side Project)
An online intelligent copy editor focused solely on writing for business communication.





The first blockchain platform for intelligent agents.

Current Status: Active product, open source network, and company (part of the network). Operational experts have taken over and I have moved to new projects.



Founding VP of Product and Business Development
Adaptive, intelligent knowledge management.

Founded with the long-term goal of creating digital workers.

Talla is currently building an adaptive, intelligent knowledge management system that will form the foundation of an adaptive, intelligent workforce.

Current Status: Active product and company. Operational experts have taken over and I have moved to new projects.



Co-Founder/ Innovation Principal
I have believed for years in the power of the Internet of Things and we came up with some great ideas around that concept. We were pioneers in the area of Sensor Based Logistics and brought to market a platform that took the fist steps. I got to work with a great team to make our ideas into reality and launch this platform.

Current Status: Active product. Operational experts have taken over and I have moved to new projects.



Follow what matters. Filter the rest.
A lot like Slack before Slack.




Founder/ Blogger
I started and wrote for the Tomorrow’s Trends blog for years. It became part of the Forbes blog network and the AllTop blog network. It covered emerging trends, tech, and innovation.
Status: Sold to a private company.




Mine the conversation of the Web.
OneRef was a search engine for news, blogs, bookmarks, tweets, videos, and pictures.
Instead of pointing you to a web page, it found the latest conversations and images on the web pertaining to your search.
Current Status: On Hold/ Discontinued




Around 2000, I built and launched SurfRate a people-powered search engine and directory that ran on user reviews of Web sites. Mentioned in Smart Money Magazine.
Status: Sold to a private company.


I started programming when I was 12. So, this is just a sample of what I’ve worked on. I developed a Monty Hall Problem simulator (when I was young). I developed an Intranet from scratch (before everyone had one) and other stuff. I can discuss anything else in person – I love to discuss innovation, business, tech products, and design. I don’t code much any more, these days I design and lead teams of people to create cool things.