sampalogo.pngSampa is a personal website creation tool that lets you customize your own freely hosted website. Unlike Weebly and Synthesite, Sampa is not as much focused on layout as it is on content. Site creation is focused instead around adding content to your site through modules. They’ve recently crossed 1,000,000 page views to their site last month on a $4,000 per month burn rate and have added their service to Facebook today.

sampasmall.pngSampa sites revolve around modules. You can add modules for blogging, photo galleries, static pages, YouTube, Flickr, Twango, Amazon, Delicious, Blue Dot and Blogger. When you add a module, a link to it is added to the menu bar at the top. You can restrict access to any of your content to anyone, friends, or different Sampa members. The layout of the page is basic, allowing you to move around modules and adjust the number of columns. The design can be changed by applying any of the templates from their gallery.

The addition to Facebook allows you to create and manage your page right through Facebook. You can view your page and your Facebook friend’s pages through the Facebook canvas page. Sampa also adds a mini version of your site to your profile page.

Other website personalization services may enter Facebook, but it will be a tough slug considering the site’s rigidly spartan design principles.

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Sampa Brings Personalized Pages to Facebook