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Should your company hire a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer?

Experts (in A.I.) are recommending that companies need to hire executives at the highest level of their companies within their skill set. While I think that A.I. is a very important tool set for the future of humanity and business. I’ve seen similar comments in the past whenever something is a hot area of business. I see some value in a Chief Innovation Officer for many companies, which is a very cross functional and people (i.e. management) related activity. But, I don’t think we need to create a Chief A.I. Officer – just like we survived just fine without a Chief Database Officer. (Another technology that has been cross-functional and pervasive).

But, I do recommend that large companies create a dedicated Data Science group that is cross functional and looks for and launches data-driven opportunities for the business. I could see this group rolling up under corporate Innovation or reporting directly to the CEO. Note – this isn’t an I.T. support group, this is a strategic group for driving strategy and launching new products.

The reason is that data is the new oil and how a company maps out and manages its opportunities in this area will become a giant strategic advantage (or disadvantage). This business planning involving data assets includes A.I. as an important sub-category.

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This is a newsletter that follows news that entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors should track if they want to explore new opportunities. I look for interesting trends, insights, and concepts across in the broad categories of: social, technological, economic, and political (STEP). Combinations of which could create interesting future opportunity spaces for innovators. We also explore things to think about if you lead innovation efforts.

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I’m the Co-Founder/ VP of Product & Business Development of Talla, a ChatOps platform for business focused on HR and other internal teams. My background is in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, where I’ve worked on the future of the Internet of Things, e-commerce, big data, collaborative commerce, and cleantech. Additionally, I’ve been involved in business opportunity research concerning autonomous vehicles, drone, and 3D printing. I live in Silicon Valley and spend about 20% of my time in the Boston area.

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