The NYT has the biggest clean-tech disappointments of 2008. It really feels like 2009 is the beginning of the clean-tech bubble where things start getting heavily invested in and things start making massive progress.

Here are the top 3. The good news is that the “mess” is part of the process, and can work itself out with regulation that sets goals but not the exact solutions.

The 10 Biggest Cleantech Disappointments of 2008 – “1) Tesla Hits A Wall: The embodiment of the future of electric vehicles discovered how expensive it is to make them. In 2008 the startup started to run low on cash — reportedly at one point as little as $9 million — and was forced to do layoffs and delay the production of its second-generation vehicle, the Model S. Now the company is relying on a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, which could be risky.

2) EEStor Delays Some More: We were waiting for mid-2008, then late 2008 to see more details — a prototype perhaps — or even initial production of secretive energy storage EEStor’s technology. But alas, the startup and its partner say the big unveiling won’t come till 2009. We’ll see.

3) T. Boone Derailed: Oil baron turned wind power advocate T. Boone Pickens used his $58 million PR campaign this year to create a lot of hope and support for clean power. Then the economy tanked. Pickens told us that the debt markets in particular took the wind out of his sails.

The 10 Biggest Cleantech Disappointments of 2008 –