TiVo has changed advertising. Since people can fast-forward through ads on television these days with TiVo (or another DVR of choice), ads bet the short-shrift. Advertisers used to be able to at least be assured that most viewers would have to sit through TV ads while watching TV. But, the DVR has made recording shows so easy that advertisers are worried.


As with most "technology problems" like this one, I don't like the easy, technological solution. Instead of getting upset and making the technology keep people from fast-forwarding through commercials or some other heavy-handed approach, I would hope we could get some better solutions.


Notes on this topic:


1. Recent research shows that people will tune in to shows if the show is a live event like a sporting event or reality show. The live show, combined with the feeling that "anything could happen" makes people want to watch the live events, and therefore they will be exposed to the commercials more often. So, live events should become more valuable to advertisers.


2. Make really interesting TV ads: Some people will rewind to see an eye-catching ad if they feel like it looks interesting or if it looks particularly relevant to them. Make them interesting, when people are fast-forwarding, they can still see the add (albeit in fast motion), but they will stop for a compelling reason. Give them a reason.


3. Product Placement: Product placement ads – where advertisers pay a show to include their product during the actual show – may become more common. A viewer can't miss these placements, and they may even be more effective.


4. "Adwords" for TV? Maybe while fast-forwarding, I can be show some ads (text or otherwise) that are shown by TiVo?