I want to introduce Shawn Lane. He is an old friend of mine and will has been creating a lot of posts concerning emerging technologies over the past month or so. You may have noticed a different author on most of the posts lately.

I recently added Shawn based on his background and skills. A few months ago I set out to to add another perspective to Tomorrow’s Trends and now have sucessfully done just that. Shawn brings additional interesting emerging technologies coverage as well as covering some interesting breaking-news around tech. So, welcome to Shawn – it is great having another voice on the blog. As far as his background: Shawn has many years of experience in IT, from networking to systems analysis. When Shawn is not staring at the computer screen, he enjoys reading books and hanging out with his two boys. I look forward to covering “what is new” and “what is next” with Shawn as this blog continues to grow and improve.