plug2Wireless power has been in the works for a while. Here is an example from CES 2009 that looks pretty good. Powermat is a mat-based charger that you just put your devices on. It charges using magnetic induction.

I’ve been wanting to see a magnetic induction table created for years.
I can see whole conference tables built like this where everyone’s laptop gets charged while they are sitting in the meeting. No more power cords everywhere.

Powermat displays new wireless charging systems at CES 2009, a convenient wireless alternative to mobile phone, computer and appliance chargers. The system uses magnetic induction to transfer energy to almost any device.

Link: Wireless Power Energizes Many Devices – Video – Wired

So, what’s next? As discussed before on Tomorrow’s Trends, 100% wireless (without the charging pads) is also a concept that is in the works. That is, the concept of transmitting energy directly through the air to devices.

Fast Company has a new article on wireless electricity:

THE INDUCTION SYSTEMS are only the beginning. Some of the most visually arresting examples of wireless electricity are based on what’s known as radio frequency, or RF. While less efficient, they work across distances of up to 85 feet. In these systems, electricity is transformed into radio waves, which are transmitted across a room, then received by so-called power harvesters and translated back into low-voltage direct current. Imagine smoke detectors or clocks that never need their batteries replaced.

Link: Wireless Electricity Is Here (Seriously) | Page 2 | Fast Company

RF induction systems are a lot less efficient right now, but could slowly charge small devices totally through the air.