Will Murphy

  • American tech executive, product manager, software engineer, intrapreneur, entrepreneur
  • Grew up in Memphis, TN, currently in the Bay Area
  • A self-taught developer from the age of 12
  • Ran AI Innovation Labs at Data.ai (formerly App Annie) the app analytics standard (Acquired)
  • OnDeck Fellow (Founder Fellow and Corporate Innovation Fellow)
  • Founding Head of Product at Talla, an AI chatbot startup (Acquired)
  • Founding team SenseAware, a pioneering IoT FedEx startup (Exited)
  • Founder, EPICenter Logistics Innovation Accelerator, sponsored by FedEx
  • I hold multiple patents in the areas of artificial intelligence, IoT, and online ads
  • Guest speaker at Stanford and speak at places like MIT VLAB, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference, The AI Conference, General Assembly, World Crypto Economic Forum, and SVI Academy.

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